• 365 Medical can provide medical oversight to remote industrial operations

  • 365 Medical can provide remote concierge services to Yachters

  • 365 Medical supports the marine and shipping industries

  • 365 Medical services remote fishing operations

  • 365 Medical can arrange emergency evacuation assistance

  • 365 Medical provides medical professionals to remote sites

Remote Medical - 24/7 Support & Oversight

3SIXTY5 Medical has extensive experience in providing remote medical services in austere and challenging environments often long distances from the nearest hospital. We have an infrastructure with 24/7/365 access to physicians with specialized knowledge and experience in managing all types of patients from First Aid to those who are critically ill. Our onsite paramedics and registered nurses are trained and equipped to manage all situations and provide urgent evacuation support as needed. Some examples of the clients we support are:

  • COVID-19 Preparedness Assessments and Emergency Response
  • Fishing - Ski - Ecotourism - Backcountry Operations
  • Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemical Operations
  • Marine/Shipping Industry / Private Marine
  • Emergency Management & Evacuation Assistance